Saturday, July 30, 2011

Quick Upate in Pictures!

We are here,  moved in and getting settled.  There is just SO MUCH to do!  I thought I'd give a quick update with a few pics.   I hope to get back to "real blogging" sometime next week.  I do have a lot to blog about!

Moving Day:
Fun with the moving truck!
Looks like a lot of standing around.  These are the only pictures I got because,  well,  I helped move too! LOL!

Attempting to load Freckles in the van

The younger crowd keeping busy in the water while the rest of us clean/prep the new place.

Reading in the Breakfast nook on a rainy morning
Reading at the bar
Greta playing games at the little activity table
and she is quite happy about it!
Celia emptying the train set
Mark and Greta on the 'activity table'.  This was a window seat in a bay window in the dining room. 
A view of the play room from the dining room
Waiting to introduce "Bob" and "Daisy" to the coop
"Crazy Lady" roosting in the rafters of the coop.  She was left to fend for herself, from the previous owners.  She seems to be enjoying getting some attention finally!
"Bob" the rooster venturing out of the box.  He loves having, ahem, two ladies right now.  One of the kids actually called him "Romeo"!  And he did crow this morning!

"Bob" and "Daisy" together.  We picked these two up from a farm about 20 miles north of us,  for free.  They are healthy,  but Daisy is not laying.  I hope that changes soon.  I have her on a high protein starter feed right now,  and some scratch to make her happy. 

Of course,  I plan to post more on our growing flock soon.  In the mean time,  I'd love any suggestions or advise for raising good layers.

We are so happy to be out of the city.  Are days are filled with work.  Good work.  And plenty of play.  We are blessed!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Super Quick Update!

    Exciting things are happening here!  We closed (really,  we did!) on the little farm Wednesday.  This has been a very long, tiring, and emotional process.    Some of you may remember that we were going to rent the farmhouse two years ago.  That fell through a few times,  with the owners pushing the moving date further and further out.   Now,  we own the house - it's ours!  After a very emotional last minute negotiation,  we gain possession Saturday, July 9.  This is the first time that we can pack with full gusto - no reservations!  

  We have a lot of work ahead of us.  It is a very old farmhouse that has not been kept up very well over the past year. Cleaning,  repairing, and settling in will fill our days for the next few months.  I know we will round those days out with time in the garden, sprinkler,  barn, and for the little boys,  in the trees! 

  Oh the trees!!!  The property is littered with big old trees.  Our lot here in the city has no trees at all.  We will have a place to hang bird feeders, hammocks, and tree houses!

  We will slowly be adding some farm animals too.  We have two Black Australorps on the way from a dear friend thinning her flock. We are all looking forward to that first fresh egg retrieved from our very own chicken! Goats will be next,  one of the boys is so eager to have a goat.  He is especially keen on the idea of cheese and soap making.    We are considering a pig next spring,  and eventually a mini dairy cow!

  Like I said,  many exciting things are happening here.  We are eager to get down to the business of making the farm our home.  I'm sure my internet access will be interrupted soon,  but I will keep my camera handy and update when I am able.

Ad majorem Dei gloriam!