Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Farm Mama Daybook

Today, Wednesday November 2, 2011

Outside My WindowAbout a million blackbirds!!  They are all over our property,  the yard, the trees,  and in all the corn/bean fields around us.  It's driving the dogs and cats crazy.  Even the hens had enough and ran off into the coop.  Every once in awhile I hear a kid shout "HOLY COW!"  It is a beautiful fall day,  sunny and warm.  Unseasonably warm I believe.

On my mind...Cecilia's cough. It sounds very croupy.  No fever,  just this awful, croupy cough.  I think we might need to pull out the nebulizer. :(

I am thankful… Every day I am more and more thankful that we have finally moved out of the city.  There is so much to be thankful for here in our old farmhouse.  On this beautiful fall day I am thankful that the children can run and play freely outside. They have so much space,  and they are so carefree.

From the kitchen… We filled our freeze with another yummy piggy last week and we have a continuous supply of fresh eggs.   We have enjoyed many 'breakfast for dinner' meals and hot soups with fresh bread. 

I am wearing…I am seven weeks pregnant and already wearing maternity jeans.  The 'secret fit belly' pants cover my bloated belly very comfortably.  I am all about comfort in my maternity jeans, cozy sweater, and clogs.

I am creating…Our 12th baby! A dozen children sounds just fine!

I am reading…
Large Family Logistics again.  A friend lent it to me last year and I devoured the 'implementing systems' portion of the book.  Another friend gifted it to me as a housewarming gift a few weeks ago.  This time I am reading it cover to cover.  It is very inspiring. 
I am hearing…Cecilia coughing. :(  Markie playing Batman,  and Marie Bellet from the CD player.  

                "I'm gonna pour it into water pour that water into wine and let that Precious Blood of Mercy wash me clean and change my mind."
One of my favorite things…"Mom,  I'm gonna check for eggs!"  :)
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…
I am so thankful that Thursdays and Fridays are low key days for us.  We have piano lessons and school work to complete,  but this is all done at home.  I get so weary from running around. 

Here is picture thought I am sharing…


  1. Congratulations on the blessing of baby #12!
    Having asthmatic sons, I know how worrying a bad cough can be.
    Praying your little one recovers quickly from whatever is troubling her breathing!

  2. Congratulations on another sweet baby! How exciting! I bet being pregnant on your new farm will be fun. Prayers for you and baby and your little one who is coughing.
    God bless,

  3. Oh Congratulations!!! Number 12 sounds wonderful!!! Praying for your pregnancy.

    ~Rebecca ~asplendidtime at 4real
    Mom to 10 under 14

  4. Congratulations on your littlest one! Are you any closer to Geauga County now that you are out in the country? :)

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  6. Hi L! I am wondering how you are? Hope you are well! Just wanted to share we are expecting again.

    Rebecca ~asplendidtime Mom to 10 under 14 and a little one due in January.

  7. Just checking in on you! Hope you are enjoying snuggling with your littlest one! :)

    Rebecca-it won't let me sign in with Wordpress but I'm the same person as above ;D LOL