Wednesday, May 1, 2013

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Today, Wednesday May 1, 2013

Outside My WindowA bright morning sunshine.  Yesterday was a beautiful day,  today looks just as promising.

On my mind...We are wrapping up our school year.  Today is the last day of the homeschool enrichment program that my older children are part of.  My mind is full of of thoughts for next year.  Decisions to be made,  many things to consider.   I am so grateful for homeschooling,  but I allow it to give me great anxiety sometimes. On a more positive note,  it is my oldest sons last day of "high school".  He is an amazingly bright young man and I am happy with all that he has done.  Our homeschooling experience, while difficult at times,  was a good one.  I cannot wait to see what is next for him.

I am thankful… that the battle with negative thoughts I was dealing with last week has been conquered.  I am so thankful for this.  Now I am able to actually deal with the situation and move on. 

Which came first, the kitten or the egg?

From the kitchen… I will be filling the pantry and refrigerator later today.   Breakfast was our standby of oatmeal and coffee.  I am looking for some new breakfast ideas for the warmer weather.  We really do not eat cold cereal so that's out.  If anyone has any ideas for quick-ish, nutritious breakfast foods,  I'm all ears!

I am wearing…Still in my jammies here.  I keep thinking how much smoother our day goes when I get up and around before anyone else stirs in the morning.   That is really hard when the little girls will wake up when I try to get out of bed,  no matter how early it is.  So,  for now,  I spend most of the morning in my jammies.  There are worse things.

I am creating...With plenty of plantain, chickweed, mint, and wild arugula, I've been doing some foraging.  I have some plantain oil steeping in a dark cabinet and some chickweed oil steeping in the sunshine.  I plan on making some soothing salve for the cuts, scrapes and mosquito bites that come with the summer sun.

Fresh plantain

This will "steep" for 4-6 weeks

In the garden...All of the beds have been cleaned out, loosened, and seasoned with some compost.  Markie and I planted beans yesterday.  I will be putting in a bed of asparagus tomorrow.  I think I will move the tomatoes and peppers into the garden on Mothers Day.  It doesn't look like it will get below 50 degrees at night any longer.  The lettuce is popping through the ground,  before long we will be making lunch from the garden.  The onions are also sprouting,  as are the potatoes.  I have plans to put carrots, beets, zucchini, cabbage and cukes in the ground next week.

I am reading…
I have been enjoying some Flannery O'Conner stories late at night.
I am hearing…The sound of some children running around upstairs,  the dog grooming herself, and besides that,  it's really quiet.

One of my favorite things…Late evening walks with my beloved.  We've been trying to make a habit of this.  I wrap Josie to my back and Celia in the stroller and we walk until the sun goes down.  A lovely way to end the day.
What the children are doing...
Markie is beginning to read.  He is the ninth child I have guided to literacy.  He started "the pink books"  (CHC users know what I'm talking about!). He just passed book three.  We will continue math, reading, and some writing over the summer months.  It all takes a less structured turn this time of year, but education never ceases. 

Here is picture thought I am sharing…

Do you see the hen?

 Hope you have a blessed week!

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  1. Oh my goodness! I had to come here after you commented on my blog. I think we have a lot in common and I am so glad your comment lead me here. Have you thought about adding a feed so people can read you by email? That is my preferred way of keeping up with blogs.