Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May Daybook

Today, Tuesday May 10, 2011

Outside My Window Spring!  Beautiful, colorful, muddy...bikes being repaired, flower beds being cleaned out and in bloom!!  It's lovely.  

I am thankful… for two working clothes dryers!  No more waiting around for clothes to dry - we get twice as much done in half the time.(?) math is a strong point of mine...

From the kitchen... I just got of the phone with a local farmer - our steer goes to slaughter on Friday.  Next week we will fill our second freezer with fresh beef.  The other freezer still holds plenty of pork,  venison, and two wild turkeys. 

From the garden... Nothing just yet,  but many plans in the works. We are not living there just yet,  but we are very blessed to know the current owners.  They are being very generous and letting us get started.   Next week the children and I will be cleaning out the garden bed and giving the ground a good work over.  My goal is a no-till garden,  but this year a good tilling will be necessary.   We will put out some greens next week also.  I am so excited to put some fresh organic greens on the table soon! 

I am wearing...We spent the morning painting fences at the new property.  I am very much a skirt kinda gal,  but between the painting and the wind,  I opted for capris and a quarter length tee.  It is so nice not to worry about socks or tights!

I am creatinglists, plans, and designs.  Lists of things to be done before and during the move.  Plans for the garden,  and designs for setting up an efficient household.  Ana White - Homemaker  is inspiring and motivating my imagination right now. 
I am reading… I have been picking up and reading The Catechism of The Catholic Church  in bits and pieces lately. (Yep, the big green book!)  Just picking up and reading whatever page I happen to turn to.  It's like sitting down and chatting with a (very!) wise old friend.  So comfortable and so right. 

I am hearingErrr... the radio in the kitchen is on the local country station...if the children were in the house,  I'd probably rush to turn it off.  Something about tequila and losing items of clothing...
One of my favorite thingsI get a huge kick out of how eager a little one can be about losing a tooth...until they see a little bit of blood!!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The WeekTomorrow we will finish painting the fence.  We have girls group meetings,  fencing practice,  a birthday on Friday.  Have I mentioned that the older children are already done with school for the year?  Math will continue for a while yet,  but I highly doubt any writing will be going on...

Here is picture thought I am sharing…  The cutest baby EVER!


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  1. Definitely the cutest baby ever! :) And I broke out the capris this week too.