Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Kitchen Madonna

   My birthday and Mother's Day are always very close to one another. (Sometimes even on the same day!)  I had a wonderful Mother's Day Sunday. Tony and the kids made a great breakfast of french toast and coffee.  Then we were off to our home parish for May Crowning and Masss.  Later that day the children had their Easter choir concert and festival at St. Augustine's.  (Check out Bridget's blog for pictures.  You have to take a look the pics of Lydia - very very sweet!)   We arrived home late and tuckered out!  The next day was my birthday. My husband is the best gift giver I have ever known.  He always chooses very thoughtful and personal gifts.  This year I woke to find a beautiful statue of The Kitchen Madonna gracing my place at the table. 
"Mary was not only Jesus' Mother, but also a housewife. Her utensils are earthly and heavenly symbols. The key represents the safety in the house and also the way into heaven. The kettle symbolizes nourishment for body and soul. The broom represents cleanliness in the home and in thoughts and deeds."



  1. Beautiful! I need that kind of inspiration.

  2. I too now have the kitchen Madonna. She is placed in a prominent place in my kitchen, for truly she is the queen of my home and family. I just adore her, and am so happy I have her to gaze upon as I tend to my family and home and all who enter our home.