Friday, June 3, 2011

Capturing Our Summer

  Long time, no blog.  I seem to blog in short spurts.   Truth be told,  I do a lot of things this way;  sew, crochet, read a novel, and many other little hobbies.  I'm not sure this is a particularly good trait of mine so I seek to improve.  I was inspired today by Molly in a recent post:  The Reluctant Blogger.  I can especially identify with this: 

"So, I do not write. Months go by. I compose profound posts while standing in the shower which are gone by the time I find some quiet. I take mental notes of those memorable days and priceless moments, just sure I will remember to write them down someday. But someday keeps getting pushed back and then it seems almost impossible to pick up where I left off"
  But also like Molly,  I want to capture these fleeting days.  The children and I really enjoy looking back on through the past four years of this blog and remembering all of the celebrations, exciting trips, projects,  and just the day to day.  

  I notice I seem to stop blogging when things are not going particularly well.  I took a very long break when we lost Mary Rose last year.  Since my last post nearly a month ago,  the attempts at purchasing the farmhouse have been very rough.  We have not closed yet,  having to ask for an extension on our offer.  We are coming close to the end of this extension with some big obstacles in our way yet.  *sigh*  

  Regardless of the yucky stuff,  appraisals, obstacles, yada yada....there are many beautiful moments to capture in our crazy little life.  So,  I'm taking a deep breath,  grabbing my camera,  and resolving to capture these moments.  Starting today!


  1. Well said! Here's to a summer of memories and blogging!

  2. Hope everything goes better with the house. I promise not to brag too much if Ken and I end up getting into a new house first.

  3. Gracious Jen - brag away! We know our time is coming! You and Ken have some bigger reasons for moving than we do! I can't imagine how difficult these past few months have been. I can barely stand to be away from Tony through a workday! St. Joseph novena going for the two of you! (any thoughts of a niece or nephew?)