Monday, June 6, 2011

First Kiss

  Oh sure I've kissed her hundreds,  possibly thousands of times in the past seven months.  I've kissed her little rosebud lips,  her dimpled cheeks, and her corn kernel toes.  I've enjoyed her mouthing my cheeks when she's hungry, just before settling in to nurse.  This  one was different though,  this was initiated by her.  I wasn't even paying attention.  I was standing in the back of church rocking and swaying through the Sanctus with her on my hip.   I was singing in a low voice,  my head bowed in prayer.  I felt her pudgy little patties on either of my cheeks,  I opened my eyes to see her looking right at me with that darling angelic smile.  I smiled back.  She pulled my face to hers and pressed those sweet little lips right on mine and gave a little *smack* sound.  I felt my heart melt.  My first kiss from Cecilia.  What a sweet treasure. 


  1. It amazes me every time I see a picture of Celia how much she resembles your DH (my little bro). Well, she's much better looking. lol

  2. Oh Jenny - this little girl looks JUST like your little brother!! It is the most beautiful sight! (to me at least!) How's the Texas move going? We are praying for ya'll (LOL!) here! Miss you!

  3. Dear Lisbet,
    Oh that is a wonderful moment when they kiss you for the first time.
    I love it everytime
    God Bless