Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer, As of June 8th, 2011

Two trips to the pond
One 8th grade graduation ( I now have two high schoolers - Congrats Abby Joan - we are proud of you!)
One piano and recorder recital. (three kids!)
One  whitewater rafting trip
One 'girls only' pool party with a sweet neighbor girl.
Mega squirt gun fight in the back yard.
Lots of painting at the farm.
Lots of (very delayed) planting in the garden,  no harvesting yet.
One hike through a local park.
One air conditioner out of service. (Oh yeah,  it's hot!)
One awesome visit from Opa in progress.
Many outdoor meals from the grill.
One walk to the ice cream shop . (Sundaes for dinner on Sunday!)
Lots of popcicles, peppermint ice tea, and fresh lemonade!

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