Monday, April 25, 2011

A Simple Mama Daybook - Easter Monday!

Outside my window... Rain rain go away come again in mid July when everything is thristy!

I am thinking… About packing - again.  We packed up a big part of our household over a year ago when we planned on renting a house - the same house we are buying now.  Everything was in boxes for months after plans changed and we continued our search for our house and farm.   I was nesting while pregnant with Celia,  I unpacked and made our house look like a home again instead of a college dorm.    We will close on the house sometime in the next few weeks (banks underestimate the patience of a woman in limbo!)  and I believe we will be moving in about seven weeks.  So,  here I go packing - again.  The children finish up their year at the HEP the first week of May.  That will be the perfect time to pack up the school room and this years books.

From the kitchen… I milled flour and made four loaves of bread this morning.  For dinner I prepared two quiches from the leftover Easter ham and asparagus.  There has been lots of nibbling on chocolate today  - as we continue to celebrate the Glorious Rising of Our Lord!  I love that Easter is not a day - rather a season! Alleluia!

I am wearing… I am totally disregarding the cold rain by wearing a springy blue floral skirt,  white t-shirt with blue smocking,  and bare feet!

I am creating…  Abby ended up making a sweater for Molly that looked beautiful with her Easter dress. I just had too much on my plate to make the swing sweaters for Celia and Greta.  I would love to get the sewing machine out and make some pillow case dresses for them for the summer.  My mom gave me the most beautiful vintage pillow cases that beg to grace a sweet little girl on a hot summer day.

I am reading… A lot of gardening blogs and books.  Though we are only moving a tad further north,  I want to make sure I plan the right things in the right spots.  I plan on starting out small this year,  especially since our move will be late in the spring and we will have tons of other things to tend to,  but I am crazy excited to put lots of tomatoes and peppers out so we can  put up salsa and sauces late in the summer. 

I am hearing…The baby nursing.  It amazes me what a loud eater she is. A seriously rowdy Euchre game, and the radio from the kitchen.  We turned off all 'noise' during Holy Week.  It is kind of nice to hear some music again while I cook/clean.  Right now,  Brad Paisley is singing about his love of water. 

One of my favorite things... The the little *gasp* from the young children when we walk into the church on Easter morning.   They look in awe at the uncovered statues,  the white and gold altar cloths,  the fragrant lilies, hyacinths, daffodils, and tulips all around,  and the lighted sanctuary candle that tells us that Jesus is back in the tabernacle again. 

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… The children are on spring break this week.  We need to play some serious catch up on laundry and math lessons.  I hope to squeeze in a trip to the park later this week.  If the rain keeps up we'll probably end up going to Cabelas for an outing.  On a side note,  I do plan on doing  Tuesday Tips tomorrow - please share some tips with me!

Here is picture thought I am sharing… Two pictures this week: (an odd pair for sure!)
The biggest Butler Garter snake I have ever seen:
And Celia's first bites of homemade sweet potatoes:


  1. Did you sneak up on Celia with the camera? She looks like she's about to cry. Boys and snakes...all Aunt Jenny has to say is ICK!!

  2. Jen, that snake was huge! Even I had to gasp and I have 6 sons! I don't recall scaring Celia, she was just surprised that I put something in her mouth besides, well... ya know...