Monday, April 4, 2011

A Simple Mama Daybook

Today, Monday April 1, 2011

Outside My Window It is still very dark out,  but warm.  When I took the dog out this morning,  the air felt very smooth, warm, and springy.  But I just heard the wind kick up,  the rain start to fall, and thunder ~ I am expecting the day to bring our first spring storms!

I am thinking…About a busy week ahead and all of our exciting upcoming plans.  The children have a few weeks left at St. Augustine's.  We will officially end our 'school' year the second week of May.  Although we will continue math, literature (although this takes on a more relaxed and fun turn for the summer months) and catechism.

I am thankful…I am not listing anything specific here today.  I have resolved to keep an attitude of thankfulness through out this day.  I am trying to slow myself down and appreciate the 'small' things that I have been blessed with.

From the kitchen Our basement freezer is stuffed full of fresh pork that some dear friends raised for us. We have half a cow on order late next month to fill the second freezer.  Since yesterday was Laetare Sunday,  we feasted.  The day was full of rich, delicious meals.  Today, the pantry and fridge are bare!  I will grab a couple of helpers and go to ALDI today.

I am wearingEyore pajama bottoms and a black t-shirt.  I have a three year old little boy in my lap wearing nothing but his underoos.  I suppose we should get ourselves dressed!

I am creatingAfter a winter of many crochet projects,  I'm not making anything.  My creative mind is preoccupied with many exciting plans for the new house.
I am reading…Devouring the latest edition of Mater Et Magistra.  So much good stuff!!

I am hearingSomeone is coughing upstairs and Markie is on my lap belting out random tunes here and there.
One of my favorite thingsThe rhythm of  the liturgical year.  Beautifully perfect in every way.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The WeekSchool work, Mass,  laundry, music lessons, the usual!

Here is picture thought I am sharing…