Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday Tips for the Homestead!

This week I have another kitchen tip.   I learned this from Storey's Basic Country Skills. When you drop an egg (or your child, or your husband, or you trip over the cat and the egg(s) lands on the floor, under the kitchen table when your nine months pregnant and everyone else in the house is still sound asleep...)  sprinkle it liberally with salt,  wait a few minutes and sweep it all up with  your whisk broom.  Works like a charm.  Thank you Martha Storey. 


  1. wow, that's interesting. I've never heard of doing that before but will have to give it a try since dropping eggs around here seems to be a frequent occurrence with the little one always wanting to "help". ;)

  2. I should have read this this morning. I took the rubber band off of the egg carton (wonder why that was on there?) and 4 large eggs made a wonderful splash onto the floor. Thank you so much for sharing, Lisa. I so love visiting here!

  3. Kitchen tip, well more of a cooking tip, from my DH, add 1TB water per egg (instead of milk) to scrambled eggs. Makes them fluffier.