Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday Tips for the Homestead!

   I have a tiny kitchen right now.  Tiny kitchen,  huge family - calls for some serious creativity.  The room itself is not so small,  it's the total lack of counter space that gives me fits.  I have been known to get out the ironing board, throw a table cloth over it and use that to set things on,  but with the little children running around,  it creates a precarious situation.  One small thing that I have learned to do that helps,  especially when serving food,  is to pull a drawer out and set a cookie sheet on top of it.  I wouldn't suggest putting anything heavy on it,  but it works for things like bread,  drinks,  or tator tots!


  1. I too have the too little counter space problem. I have older cabinets and there is a pull out board that is right next to the sink. It is a lifesaver! It is a dream because it is right under the countertop and if you weren't looking for it, you would not see it.

    I was thinking that if I had the choice, I would have these all around the kitchen for when I needed them and when I don't...they are all tucked neatly away.

    We have a "breakfast nook" in the kitchen that is waaay too small for us, but we put shelving on both sides of it as a make-shift pantry. The bakers rack that we have there is great for hooking things on to to keep them close at hand yet out of the way. I use shower curtain hooks on it to hold little things like the grater and pot holders up out of the reach of the little ones.

    We are getting a new faucet in the kitchen sink that extends into the center of the sink but is high enough to clear the big stock pots. The one we have now (that was a temporary fix last year) is ridiculously small for those that have to clean big items. And if all else fails, the bathroom tub will work for cleaning big things too!

  2. I love the drawer idea! I use my large cutting boards and place them over my sink or half of my sink. I also put them on the stove top (being careful that it isn't on!)

  3. it's too bad they don't have "murphy" counter space like they have murphy beds. Something that you put down when you need it and it hugs the wall when you don't.