Friday, April 8, 2011

Tea Party!

    Abigail had a beautiful tea party for her 14th birthday.  It was a formal tea at a lovely local tea house.  She was joined by all four of her younger sisters,  her Grandmother,  a dear new friend  and her mother, and myself.  It was a lovely afternoon!

Seating began promptly at 2 o'clock.  We arrived a bit early and waited on the front porch.

We first visited the quaint gift shop.


We were then seated at our table in the window.

The Girls!

 The Birthday Girl!

And her sisters:



Molly made new friends and joined them for dessert!


Greta loved the food:

Especially Abby's cheesecake!

And mostly the tea!
We arrived home happy,  full, and pleasantly tired!


  1. I heard about the special friends that Miss Molly made and how truly special that day was. If you ever doubt what amazing children you have, days like this should remind you of what an awesome job you and your DH do.

  2. That story is really amazing Jen. We are constantly trying to teach Molly about "personal space" but this was an occasion where that went out the window.